About the Chord Namer

The code for this is derived from a program I wrote for Mac a long time ago, called Chord Studio (info still viewable here). Since it no longer runs on new Macs I thought it was worth rehashing it and making it available as a web page.


Chord Notation

This is an interesting topic and subject to many different opinions and preferences. With your help, perhaps a new standard could be established, if it were thought necessary. Read more about that here, and here is a forum where you can put your own point of view.


Thanks to NexusUI for the keyboard technology.
©2017 Greg Chapman


Why do I get a name for a horrible jumble of notes, like this?

The app works by compressing the notes into one octave and working out the index for that pattern. This is then looked up in a long table to get the chord name. This means that many different voicings will reduce to the same index and hence the same name. This more musical arrangement of the same notes should explain why the chord above deserves a name.

Why does this say G13 when there isn’t a G in the chord at all?

A jazz player will recognise the top four notes as a G13 voicing - the sort of shape they would play when their left hand or a bass player is playing the G root underneath.

What are the HTML codes for the musical symbols used on these pages?

Here they are: